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The headwaters of the Stikine River is in British Columbia and flows 400 miles to salt water near Wrangell, Alaska, the "Gateway to the Stikine". Named by the Tlingit Indians, Stikine River means "Great River”. Join us as we travel up the Stikine through small side channels of the river known as ‘sloughs’ to reach the river’s many destinations. Shakes glacier is the feature of this tour, at the far end of a massive glacier lake that is resides in. Depending on river height, enjoy a soak in the Chief Shakes hot springs, located just upstream of the glacier.
Points of interest on the tour include:

What To Expect
Stikine-Tour length is 4 hours. We depart from Wrangell and within 10 minutes will be on the delta of the river. We’ll make our way across the delta and up the labyrinth of channels of the river, culminating at the face of Shakes Glacier. We will stop several times along the way at points of interest or for viewing wildlife on the banks. After viewing the glacier, we’ll make our way back down the river to Wrangell.

The Local 4-5 hour tour
When in Wrangell, do as the Wrangellites do! Join us in our smaller, open jet-boat for a real local experience! This boat allows us to go into much shallower water and narrow channels, enabling you to experience the river in a completely different way than the bigger boats. In groups of 1 to 4 people, you’ll be able to pick your destination! Whether it be to Shakes Hot Springs, fast-moving clearwater streams, Shakes Glacier, or if you want to pull over and have lunch, anywhere is possible!

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STIKINE PRICE: $240 per person
THE LOCAL PRICE: $200 per person

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